About TV & Me

About TV and Me
Mike Toomey takes you on a journey back into 60’s and 70’s TV Land. In the show, Mike relates how his childhood television watching has shaped his adult life, while sharing his unique observations about his favorite programs and their characters. This multimedia presentation features over 300 slides and sound bytes plus Toomey’s dead-on impersonations of your favorite TV celebrities. TV&ME is a must see for all members of the TV generation.


"I don´t have to do this anymore, Mike Toomey, you´re that good." - Adam West, Batman

"Wow! He does Batman better than Batman!" - Frank Gorshin, The Riddler

"Fantastic stuff, Mike. I wish you happy days." - Anson Williams, Potsie Weber

"Hey Mike, I think somebody watches a little too much Brady Bunch." - Christopher Knight, Brady Bunch

"Michael, Congratulations to you for succeeding and making people laugh all over the country!" - Henry Winkler, The Fonz